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Mole Crickets – A Classical Exotic Pest

By: Adam Dale The arrival of late winter and early spring means mole cricket adults are out and about again. I think most people would agree that mole crickets are one of the strangest, most disgusting, or most amazing insects commonly found throughout the southeastern U.S. Some argue that mole crickets are the most well-adapted insects in the region – they tunnel underground, jump, fly long distances, eat plants and [...]

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By: Paul Mitola We conduct random pest control vehicle inspections throughout the State and I am very surprised at the number of pest control vehicle that are not in-compliance with the Statute and Rule. There are 11 questions on the FDACS pest control vehicle inspection report: ID Card Valid with Photo and Signature? Chapter 482.091(2)(b) FS states: “The identification card shall be carried on the employee’s person while performing or [...]

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What do your Customers Really Want?

By: Joe Jonovich Most people will say their customers want quality service at a good price.  However, even in service industries, customer expectations are changing in the age of the internet. Twenty-five years ago we were in the “sitcom-era”.  People expected most problems to be solved in 30 minutes or less, no matter how unreasonable that seemed.  Now, we are in the “internet-era” where customers have an infinite amount of [...]

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Finding and Retaining Great Employees

By: Joe Jonovich One of the challenges in a booming economy is finding great employees.  With a current unemployment rate below 4%, most people who want a job already have a job.  Current employees know if they quit, they can find another job easily.  So how do you find and retain great employees? Finding great employees is a challenge.  Most companies are seeing little to no applicants who have previous [...]

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Preemergence Herbicides

By: Chris Marble During the fall and winter months, you may be thinking more about problems like large patch or other diseases, and weeds might not be the top priority when we have cooler temperatures. However, spring (and prime weed season) is just around the corner. In just a few short months, we will start to see things like spurges, crabgrass, and other weeds really start to take off, signaling [...]

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PCO Pointer – Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

By: Paul Mitola, Environmental Consultant, FDACS Wood Destroying Organism Inspections (WDO’s) have historically held the top spot for consumer complaints, and more disciplinary actions have been taken than any other violation. WDO’s also create the greatest potential for litigation. That is why they must be done correctly. According to Chapter 482.226(1) When an inspection for wood-destroying organisms is made by a licensee for purposes of a real estate transaction and [...]

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Termite Inspections

Termite swarming season is here! This means homeowner calls and inspections are about to increase. It is always good practice to review the basics of identification and inspection information, even for seasoned veterans. This month’s focus will highlight some tips on conducting a termite inspection. Next month’s newsletter will contain information on identifying damage in the absence of live termites. Exterior Inspections The key to any good inspection is to [...]

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Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance Q&A

By: Paul Mitola, Environmental Consultant The following information is from Chapter 482.156 and 482.2265(2) Fig 1. Master trainer and FDACS Environmental Consultant, Paul Mitola Q. Can a piece of power equipment be used? A. No according to Chapter 482.156(1) Q. Does this include battery operated backpacks? A. Yes that would be considered power equipment. Q. Can a larger than 5-gallon tank not application equipment (nurse tank) be used to store mixed sprays? A. Yes that would be allowed. Q. [...]

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Glyphosate Alternative

By: Chris Marble Fig 1. Herbicide Damage Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in landscape beds because it is effective on most weeds and is inexpensive. Although the US Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) and other organizations have concluded that glyphosate is not likely to be carcinogenic, many homeowners, property managers, and other organizations have become fearful of glyphosate due to recent litigation. The topic of glyphosate safety is beyond the [...]

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