General Household Pests and Rodent Control

GHP Foundations (General Household Pests)


This is the introductory course covering General Household Pests including ants, roaches, rodents, laws & regulations, flies, mosquitoes, and spill clean-up. Emphasis is on being able to perform pest management effectively and safely. This course is designed to benefit both people brand new to the industry and people with over 30 years of experience. Even experienced pest control operators are surprised by how much they learn.

GHP Masters (General Household Pests)


Prerequisite: Must have completed the GHP Foundations Course This course builds on the GHP Foundations course and covers stinging insects, product labels, formulations, lice & ticks, rodents part II, fleas, laws and regulations part II, stored product/fabric pests, mites and bed bugs. By the end of this course, students have covered all critical topics that are required to know for the Florida Pest Control Certified Operator GHP exam.

State of Rodent Control (1-day course)


This is Dr. Bobby Corrigan's 1-day lecture course.  It is shorter that the 3-day Rodent Activity course and will not have the outdoor hands-on activities like in the 3-day course. The course covers the current hot topics in rodent control such as: Latest control methods Research into rodent behavior and biology Regulations and legal updates (i.e. 2nd generation rodenticide bans, etc.)

Rodent Academy (3-day course)


We are now bringing Dr. Bobby Corrigan's Rodent Academy to Florida!  Rodent Academy is a specialized training event that provides attendees with in-depth knowledge of commensal rodent biology, behavior, and best management practices.  Rodent Academy started 15 years ago in New York City. Small classes limited to 35 students per course. Learn how rodents affect people's health worldwide. Learn the biology and behavior of common pest rodents. Review the labels and regulations for commonly used rodenticides. Covers rodent control strategies for single-family, multi-family, and commercial structures. Take a field trip to analyze rodent issues at real life commercial buildings.

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