By: Paul Mitola, Environmental Consultant

The following information is from Chapter 482.156 and 482.2265(2)

Fig 1. Master trainer and FDACS Environmental Consultant, Paul Mitola

Q. Can a piece of power equipment be used?
A. No according to Chapter 482.156(1)

Q. Does this include battery operated backpacks?
A. Yes that would be considered power equipment.

Q. Can a larger than 5-gallon tank not application equipment (nurse tank) be used to store mixed sprays?
A. Yes that would be allowed.

Q. Can LCLM certificate holders apply ant bait to plant bed areas?
A. Yes according to 482.156(1) you may perform integrated pest management on ornamental plants using insecticides or fungicides having the signal word “Caution” only on the labels.

Q. Can anyone working with the LCLM certified individual make pesticide (insecticides-herbicides) applications?
A. No this is an individual certificate only the certified person may make pesticide applications.

Q. Can LCLM certified applicators apply fertilizer?
A. Yes, if they have the Limited Urban Fertilizer Certificate, but they cannot apply fertilizer/pesticide blends to turf.

Q. Can a LCLM advertise ant control in flower beds?
A. No an LCLM cannot advertise pest control because they are not a licensed pest control company.

Q. Do LCLM’s have to mark their vehicles?
A. No that is not required because they are not a licensed pest control company.

Q. Do LCLM applicators have to post pesticide application signs?
A. Yes, According to Chapter 482.2265(2) an LCLM must post a notice at the time of application

Q. Can a person with an LCLM certificate operate a pest control business?
A. No, having an LCLM certificate does not allow him/her to operate a pest control business.

Q. Does an LCLM certificate holder have to keep pesticide treatment records?
A. Yes, he/she must maintain records documenting the pest and areas treated, plus the methods and materials used