For information on commercial residential or business pest control certification and licenses or public health/mosquito control, including aerial mosquito spraying, go to Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control, a Division of Agricultural Environment Services at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services.

Pesticide applicator licenses are restricted to certified individuals. These licenses allow for the purchase and use of restricted use pesticides on agricultural and related sites not associated with structures, parks, golf courses, or highway right-of-ways. License categories are also available to cover the following applications: soil and greenhouse fumigation, raw agricultural commodity fumigation, aquatic pest control, wood treatment, seed treatment, sewer root control, use of antifouling boat paints, treatment of swimming pools with chlorine gas, demonstration and research, and regulatory use. Also, aerial application of any pesticide in Florida to any of the above sites requires a pesticide applicator license.

License types available are Private, Commercial, and Public. For a description of each license type, categories available, and information on how to obtain a license, go to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services web site.